We can organize for you...

Congresses and Conference

We can arrange a conference of your choice, the classic representative, also be unusual in an interesting environment.

Including accompanying cultural events and social evenings.


Organize training from invitations, lodging, audiovisual equipment, to revive a witty moderator, or an interesting program for coffee breaks. A pleasant day may be ending the evening with a program of relief work, or better familiarize trainees.

Product presentation

We'll make a presentation of your products match your needs. We can completely keep your ideas, or, conversely, create your own arrangement of the action. Present your products through companies such as dance shows, theatrical scenes or interactive program. We also provide competitive, sporting and cultural events for potential customers from the public.

Formal / informal meetings

Today's times call for particular personal contact. Opportunity to act in the face is usually the first step to initiate mutually beneficial cooperation. Organize meetings for you, where you can comfortably and with dignity to negotiate with existing and potential investors, suppliers or other people important to your company.

Business Travel

If your business goes beyond the interests of the Czech Republic, we have a special service. With long-term contacts abroad, the Russian Federation and China, we offer a service for business travelers. Hotel where you have access to foreign companies on site and assist in the implementation of its services trade negotiations.