What can we offer to cities and towns?

Anniversaries of important events, visits of important personalities and events of cultural, educational and entertainment programs - all will provide a reliable form of organization with the idea and using the traditions and history of your town.
With this type of events we have years of experience.


Festival City is a mutual meeting of inhabitants of the city, meeting with friends from the partner cities and arrange contacts between citizens and municipal politicians.

We will prepare a packed day programs, consisting of music, fencing, dance, and theater related entries interesting personalities and presenters, culminating in fireworks and fire show. Complementing the program are the old crafts, contests and other attractions, not only for children.

It is also possible to create a drama based on a contemporary event or visit a ruler or other important figures. We also organize historical events and Advent markets with a Christmas program. Are also engaged in organizing urban dances associated with events and performances by famous artists.

Partner Meeting

Prepare for your visit to the twin cities of residence, including the accompanying program, parties, etc. We also offer the possibility to enrich a visit to any of our product offerings.

Conversely, if you're going abroad, we offer both the organization and travel related issues and prepare a presentation of your city and country, exhibitions, cultural events, gifts and surprises - whatever you want your town or village present.

Public Relations

For all who are interested in maintaining good and friendly relations with the public to prepare well-conceived program in keeping with local customs and issues. Prepare action to establish contact with the inhabitants of towns and villages, or the media.

Opening the buildings

We prepare the opening of significant investment and urban buildings from the PR event to the ribbon cutting ceremony and accompanying events.